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07/04/2016 · Aussies may have short or long tails. There are some out there that have a natural "bobbed" tail, but the majority of short tails are docked. Follow Aspen on. In a refined setting the Aussie's exquisite tail is lovely and doesn't require much work - However, in a traditional role, these fabulous tails can spell extensive grooming for an otherwise busy rancher. The "real" reason most breeders choose to dock is to meet the Australian Shepherd "breed standard". Tail docking can be compared to circumcision in human babies, it is painful at the time for the youngster, and there are no pain meds administered for the tiny puppies, however within a few minutes the puppies are back nursing and have no side effects from the tail docking procedure. Tail Docking. The Miniature American Shepherd breed standard dictates a preference towards natural bobbed tails or docked tail and for that reason our pups' tails are docked at 2-3 days old. It is done at a young age to minimize pain and discomfort and all precautions are taken to ensure the pups do well. We do not believe that these reasons are strong enough to continue docking tails. Its great to know that the breed standard for Miniature Australian Shepherds now allows for un-docked tails and ASDR will allow you to show your Mini Aussie with its natural tail.

Alangus Aussies, Breeding Dogs, C-section for Dogs, Colors of Aussies, Dog Health, Dog Instinct, Dog Whelping, Mini Aussie Puppies, Miniature American Shepherd, Miniature Australian Shepherds, Puppy Tail Docking, Toy Australian Shepherd, Veterinary Care 5 Responses ». Despite being an Amazing breed it is still best to LEARN about the breed & be Positive an Australian Shepherd is for You! The Mini/Toy Australian Shepherd is just like the standard size of this breed but in an adorable, Compact package. Mini Aussies are extremely smart & love the opportunity to be a Working part of the household. Tail docking of dogs for prophylactic preventative or cosmetic reasons is illegal in all Australian states. Tail docking by a vet for therapeutic reasons, such as if the tail is injured, is the only legal form of tail docking for dogs in Australia. Are Australian Shepherds Born With Tails?. In terms of farming and herding livestock, organizations such as the U.S. Australian Shepherd Association argue that Aussies with longer tails run the risk of developing infections as they go about their work. Canine Tail Docking FAQ. Have you ever noticed a dog curled in a tight ball with his tail over his nose? We believe that dogs should get to keep the tails they were born with, be it no tail, short bob, medium bob or full tail. Unfortunately, in some registries Aussies cannot be shown with a natural tail, unless it.

ANSWER: Tail docking has most likely occurred since ancient times. It has been written that the Romans docked tails because they believed, though erroneously, that the muscles in the dog's tail were a cause of rabies. Working dogs were the exemption and were docked to signify their status. He has a docked or natural bobbed tail. Size, Proportion, Substance. Size – The preferred height for males is 20-23 inches, females 18-21 inches. Quality is not to be sacrificed in favor of size. Proportion – Measuring from the breastbone to rear of thigh and from top of the withers to the ground the Australian Shepherd is slightly longer. Tail injuries can be very painful for the Australian Shepherd. Not only can it cause a lot of pain, but it’s relatively difficult to treat. By docking the tail, it removes the possibility of such an injury, especially at work. 2. Good Hygiene. Although this may not be the best reason, it’s.

Toy Mini Australian shepherd Breeder,. To avoid tail damage - This is the most important reason for docking a tail. Australian Shepherds were raised in the rought Western areas of the United States, which, if you have never visited, have tough weeds, tall grasses. Alangus Aussies, Mini Aussie Puppies, Miniature American Shepherd, Miniature Australian Shepherds, Puppy Tail Docking, Toy Australian Shepherd Comments Off on The Day for Details. Dec 21 2013. Six puppies all loaded. For a ride in the car. It didn’t take long. Was not very far. Just around some curves. But the three main reasons are to avoid damage to their tail, to maintain the breed standard, and for reasons of hygiene. To avoid damage to the tail is the most important reason for docking a tail. Australian Shepherds were raised in the Western areas of the United States, assisting man in the field, herding or hunting.

optimum age for docking is five to seven days. Amputation can be done later than this, but local or general anaesthesia is required. Any deviation from these recommendations should be towards leaving greater length of tail. In recent years there has been a tendency to allow longer tails for. 15/12/2019 · The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent working dog of strong herding and guarding instincts. He is a loyal companion and has the stamina to work all day. He is well balanced, slightly longer than tall, of medium size and bone, with coloring that offers variety and individuality. He is attentive.

ASCA prefers the natural bob tail employing docking for uniformity and breed type. While it is understood that judges have a choice, ASCA prefers considering an Australian Shepherd with a full tail a serious deviation from the standard and breed type and to prioritize and penalize it accordingly. Some of our dogs still have their AKC Australian Shepherd papers. But because they were under 17" tall, I converted their name to Mini American Shepherd back when AKC had open registration to do this. That's why my dog's lines are pure Australian Shepherd, same dogs, just listed under a new name.

Very cute, fluffy and playful. Tail dock Flora, Indiana » Australian Shepherd $500: nicky, mini australian shepherd male, asdr [smithfarm01] ASDR black tri mini Aussie male with full unusual collar. Born 7-26-19. Very playful cut Lexington, Alabama » Australian Shepherd. Australian Shepherd Tail Docking? Don't dock the tail if you can help it. Not all Australian Shepherds need a tail bob, since some are born with a natural bob. Asked in MP3 Players Audio and Sound Systems Are docks available for the Sony Walkman MP3 players? Australian Shepherd Puppies – YouTube I just know the FCI definition of australian shepherds. And I have all the documents confirming that. Ive grown up with purebreed mini aussies and here in Europe they have tails, in France, Finland, Germany, Sweden aso.. Tail docking was originally done for a purpose and it may not be nessesary anymore as many Aussies are pets and not working but it's certainly not as horrible as its being made out to be and it's different than ear cropping. level 1. curiousmindz. 1 point · 7 years ago. I honestly would dock my Australian Shepherds tail. Since Mini.

Louisiana Mini Aussies. 2.9K likes. We occasionally have mini Australian Shepherds available in the New Orleans area Note: we are not located in. About one Australian Shepherd in five will have a naturally bobbed tail, according to registration statistics from the time that the trait was still listed on registration certificates. Normal tail length and number of vertebrae varies considerably in dogs, though the number within a breed will be the same or perhaps vary by one or two. We'll C Mini Aussies is a Miniature Australian Shepherd breeder located in NW Montana. We do genetic testing on our breeding stock to ensure good genetic health in our Mini Aussie puppies. Our website is geared to educating buyers about the breed.

The Australian Shepherd is a natural bob-tail/docked tail breed. At this time ASCA does not plan to change its breed standard as no official description of the undocked Australian Shepherd tail exists. The breed standard states in General Appearance: "An identifying characteristic is his natural or docked bobtail." The standard continues in the. An Australian shepherd named Pockets is credited as being the oldest dog to earn a title in AKC history, having earned the Rally Novice title at the age of 15 years, 5 weeks. Miscellaneous. The Australian Shepherd Club of America ASCA was founded in 1957 to promote the breed. Ellington, Missouri » Australian Shepherd $150 AKC Miniature American Shepherd or Mini Aussie will be small side AKC Miniature. Blue Merle female Tail dock Dew clawls removed Dewormed First set of puppy shots Dexter, Missouri » Australian Shepherd $500. 1 2. Australian Shepherd Breeder - CedarPaws - FAQs - The goal of CedarPaws Australian Shepherds is to perfectly match puppy and owner and to produce dogs with sound bodies and minds. CedarPaws is located in Ontario's Northumberland Hills near Grafton.

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